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When is the last time you looked at your business plan? Is it helping you meet your financial goals or collecting dust? Join us tomorrow for a FREE webinar training session where we'll discuss The Silver Lining Action Plan (SLAP).

Are you selling more, but profiting less? If your business isn't making money, this video is for you. You have the power to achieve profitability and change the financial health of your company. In this video, you'll learn the profit first formula: Sales - Profit = Expenses.
A tax preparer and an accountant can both help you prepare and file your taxes. If that's all you're looking for, cool. But if you need long-term help with the financial operations of your business, such as analyzing your business finances, running reports and/or helping you make financial decisions, you'll need to find an accountant and preferably one who specializes in your industry.
Need someone to file your tax return? Anyone with a preparer tax identification number (PTIN) can file your taxes for you, but choosing the right person is critical. All tax preparers are not created equal. They have different levels of skills, education, and expertise.
Just because you classify someone as an independent contractor, doesn't mean the IRS will. Misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor can have costly consequences. In this video, we'll talk about how the IRS test for worker status based on three areas: behavioral control, financial control and the relationship between the hiring firm and the worker.
Tax season does not have to be stressful. In this video, we'll cover five common pitfalls small businesses often make and I'll share tips on how you can avoid them. With a little pre-planning throughout the year and learning how to keep your cash flow in check, tax season can be a breeze.
Preparation is key to securing a bank loan for your small business! Maybe you want to purchase real estate, equipment, inventory, or need money to manage your day-to-day operations. Whatever the need, a small business loan can help you expand your company.
Is it time to hire? Can you afford to hire? Can you afford NOT to? If you're swamped with work, turning down projects, or receiving customer complaints, it might be the right time to employ a part-time or full-time staff member.
You've probably heard the advice borrow money before you need it, right? If your business experiences a temporary downturn and you start having a tough time paying your bills and then try to borrow money, you'll look like a bad credit risk.
Searching for receipts and paperwork can be stressful this time of year. It's time to get organized and rid yourself of the tax season blues. It's best to start early! Companies (financial institutions, employers, healthcare companies) have until January 31st to get your annual tax documents to you.
Still on hold with the IRS? Save time and get your questions answered faster with the Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA). It's a tool that provides answers to your tax questions. Whether you have a question about your filing status, claiming a tax credit, or what deductions you can take, ITA allows you to search topics by category, answer a few questions and get your answer!
Before ringing in the New Year, now is a good time to sit down with your tax advisor and strategize how you might lower your current year tax payment, maximize profits, and lower your tax liability next year. As a business owner, you should be mindful of the estimated tax payment requirement.
So you're ready to incorporate? Congratulations! Startup entrepreneurs, like you, often get stuck when deciding how to formalize their business. Most choose the LLC route because they believe it offers liability protections. But does an LLC really limit your liability? Press play and find out. I'm Tuesday P.
If you are unable to pay the taxes that you owe, be sure to still file! While the IRS can arrange a repayment plan based on your situation, you have to give them something to work with. They need to know how much is owed and your current finances in order to come up with a plan.
This is a common question we often get from small business owners. Don't worry, we've got you covered. In this video, we'll talk about what estimated taxes are, how to determine whether or not you need to make quarterly payments, and when to make your payments.
Making your business more profitable involves identifying your key profit drivers and coming up with a plan to continue to grow them without increasing costs. I know that might sound impossible, but there are a number of strategies you can execute to make your business more profitable. Press play and let's grow!
I want to save you money and headaches in the long run. Today, we'll discuss five easy ways you can get a firmer grip on your business finances. Having good financial records will help you gauge how well your business is doing and let you know if you need to make any changes so that you can meet your year-end profit goals.
When you're first starting your business you will wear many hats, but being an effective leader means letting go of simple tasks that your team can handle or outsource certain functions of your business so that you can focus on growing and improving your company.
In this video, you'll learn the difference between a Certified Public Accountant and an accountant. All CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. Knowing the difference will help you decide which is best for your business. I'm Tuesday P. Brooks and I created Transformation Tuesday to help you manage your business finances from goals to growth.
CPA, bookkeeper, accountant, tax preparer-all these titles can be confusing. And deciding which one you need for your business can be even more puzzling. In this video, you'll learn the functionary differences between a bookkeeper and an accountant. I'm Tuesday P. Brooks and I created Transformation Tuesday to help you manage your business finances from goals to growth.
Are you meeting your financial goals? The amount of money your business generates can be drastically different in 9 months, 6 months, maybe even 3 months, if you focus on the right stuff! There's a way out the murk & mire of marketing, and the sales frenzy most business owners find themselves in.

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